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STRASBOURG Mason Rudolph Dolphins Jersey , Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- Members of European Parliament (MEPs), on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly against a draft law proposed by the European Commission (EC) intended to authorize any member state to restrict or ban the sale and utilization of food or feed containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

""The European Commission's proposal on GMOs could turn on its head what has been achieved with the single market and the customs union,"" rapporteur Giovanni La Via told the press.

""Today's vote is a strong political act on the part of the European Parliament. It sends a clear signal to the European Commission,"" added the Italian official, who is also the president of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

The results of the vote were without much ambiguity. With 577 votes against Marcus Davenport Saints Jersey , 75 in favor and 38 abstentions, the EU draft law that the EC presented on April 22 was decidedly rejected by the Parliament.

La Via said the Commission should have retracted the proposal as it knew it would not be accepted.

However, the EU Commissioner charged with health and food safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, said the Commission would not withdraw its proposal, which will next be debated by EU ministers.

""I believe that this proposal could have negative consequences for agriculture in the EU M.J. Stewart Buccaneers Jersey , which is heavily dependent on protein supplies from GMO sources. It could also have indirect negative effects on imports,"" La Via said.

The Commission suggested that the draft EU law in question would be conceived according to the model of another European law on GMOs targeting cultivation, which entered into force in April 2015, and permits member states to ban on their territory the cultivation of GMOs approved by the EU.

The Parliament considered that the transposition of such legislation in the domain of sales or use of GMOs was not desirable.

""Cultivation happens necessarily on the territory of a member state. GMO commerce crosses borders, which means that sale and use on the national level can prove difficult or impossible to apply,"" La Via said.

The use of GMOs Lorenzo Carter Bengals Jersey , principally concerning corn, cotton, rapeseed and sugar beets, is at the heart of controversy in Europe where public opinion is strongly unfavorable.

A total of 58 GMOs are currently authorized in the EU, with the majority intended to feed livestock. The EU labeling system requires producers to indicate if their products, whether intended for human or animal consumption Leighton Vander Esch Cowboys Jersey , contain GMOs when the content goes beyond 0.9 percent of the food item.

" "

by Xinhua Writer Mao Pengfei

HAVANA, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- Cuba on Tuesday celebrated the international community's nearly unanimous support for its appeal to abolish the U.S.-led five-decade trade embargo against the island nation.

At a United Nations General Assembly session, delegates from 191 member nations voted in favor of a Cuban-drafted resolution calling for an end to the embargo.

""This year's vote saw 191 countries support Cuba's resolution against the blockade,"" Cuba's state daily Granma said.

Since the resolution condemning the embargo was first put to vote in 1992, the United States has been increasingly isolated over the issue.

As in prior years, only the United States and Israel voted against the resolution Lamar Jackson Ravens Jersey , but ""unlike previously, this year there were no abstentions,"" Granma noted.

In 2014, the Pacific island nations of Palau, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia abstained, making the final vote 188 in favor to two against.

The Cuban government was closely watching to see whether Washington would consider the new reality of the Cuba-U.S. ties and at least abstain from voting against the resolution.

U.S. President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Kyle Lauletta Patriots Jersey , Raul Castro, this summer restored the diplomatic ties between the two countries severed during the John F. Kennedy administration.

Obama has also eased restrictions on trade, remittances and travel. While he has acknowledged the half-century embargo as a ""failure,"" he maintains that only the U.S. Congress can repeal it.

Cuba has made it clear that the embargo, which it calls a blockade, remains the single-biggest obstacle to the normalization of bilateral ties.

Cuban journalist and former diplomat Manuel Yepe Menendez thinks the U.S. vote ""discredits the current U.S. foreign policy"" and reveals more about the U.S. power structure than it does about the Cuba-U.S. ties.

""I understand the United States' vote at the UN today as a vote against Obama Kolton Miller Raiders Jersey ,"" Menendez told Xinhua, adding that ""it remains to be seen what the Republican party, those who oppose U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba, aim to gain by making him swallow the bitter pill of voting in favor of a (sanctions scheme) he recently described as a failure.""

""I believe the ridiculous situation that the U.S. foreign policy has been subjected to is directed above all through this vote by the forces that in reality govern behind the throne in the United States, in order to ridicule President Obama,"" he added.

Given Obama's decision to reverse the longstanding U.S. policy toward Cuba Kerryon Johnson Lions Jersey , ""one would at the very least expect a different vote on the part of the Obama administration (such as an abstention), not the same ridiculous U.S. foreign policy, challenging the rest of the world, solely followed and supported by Israel,"" Menendez said.

On the other hand, Menendez said the vote ""strengthens the prestige of Cuba's foreign policy Kemoko Turay Colts Jersey ,"" which by contrast shows it is ""solid, transparent and strong.""

Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez told the UN General Assembly before the vote, ""10 months after the announcements made on Dec. 17, no tangible, substantial modification has been introduced in the implementation of the blockade.""

Rodriguez went on to list recent econ

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